Pantheon Paris France should we go?

You’ll be glad if you do. We went and saw this beautiful building this summer.

What we did was,instead of Exclusively using a taxi and went and rented a diesel stick shift car. What a lot of fun driving through Paris!

One of our trips was to see the Pantheon.

See the pictures below.

Cobblestone streets beautiful architecture towering pillars definitely get here and see what it’s like you’ll be inspired by the dimensions and the beauty of this building.

In finding some of our flights and hotels I looked at a lot of different websites for example I want to Expedia I want to I went to Travelocity best one that I found was a great site for finding flights and hotels Agoda. If you use my link here you’ll receive a discount for using the app and scheduling is super easy.

Bercy Paris, France

Traveling to France  to enjoy the awesome architecture, great food and wine?  Here’s what I found when I went this summer.

We stayed in Bercy an area that was a good choice for us. It’s on the south west side of the city just south of district 11 and situated right on the Seine River.

We checked in to the Pulman Hotel which was a very nice hotel. They were undergoing some construction, and other than a Masonary  hammer drill going off in the lobby  that echoed through the entire building all day for the first few days and the denial that they’re was any construction that they know about lol…. the stay was pretty good.  Once I video recorded the hammer drill going off and showed it to them. They took responsibility and offered to change my location. After  that my stay was good and I would likely recommend Pullman hotel properties going forward.


It was good as far as Location because we could just get a taxi at the stand at the end of the street.  Pretty cheap alternative to renting a car.

Within about 10 mins max we could get to Notre dame cathedral. It’s a must do. Definitely go see Notre Dame and if you want a real experience attend the mass in French.  Very calming and I felt like I made up for a lot of ills by experiencing it.


Fort Lauderdale Beach Hooters visit

Considering a trip to the beautiful sunshine state of Florida and Fort Lauderdale? One great spot is Fort Lauderdale beach great bars and restaurants Hooters located right above the beach. There’s bars restaurants parties the largest margaritas I’ve seen yet. When the girls bring out these drinks that’s all I can do to hold it from falling.

As the parade of Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Bugatti’s, Mercedes, BMW and every other flashy car slow crawl by The bars restaurants in girls that frequent the area turning heads and giving everyone something to watch what a beautiful backdrop of the beach smell of salt water sound of the waves.

The Girls of Hooters Ft Lauderdale

 Ft Lauderdale Florida the place to party?


 If your considering south florida as a possible spot to kick back soak up the sun and a few cervesa’s or a lime margarita with a splash of fun and beautiful women… you found one of the best spots!

Ft Lauderdale isn’t so much for the elderly lol. It has the weather, the beach and restaurants but also a non stop array of bars and action to take in.



Hooters 17 S Atlantic Blvd Ste 304, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

The girls are great, very friendly and happy to speak with you along with good service too.

Fat Tuesdays  17 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316