SOI 6 Pattaya Thailand 3 things you should know

So I recently went to Thailand Pattaya and got to experience all the different bars restaurants shops that pattaya is known for.

From one crazy bar to another you’ll see women, strip joints, lady boys in high heels and deceptively looking just like a girl. Haha watch out. Haha but more interesting is all the little clubs and bars to sit and enjoy a beer or snack while the insane landscape walks by.

The conversion Is 30 Thailand Baht to the usd $ It doesn’t necessarily mean your Getting something for nothing because they still ask for more baht to buy the same items. But there is slot of street cart food that you can buy to eat as you walk around that is a great deal.

So in Pattaya there is a walking street but it expands far beyond the walking street strip. Which is pretty long. Probably 1/4 mile long.

Soi 6 is one of many soi /streets that is part of the experience. The bulk is near the beach. You can walk along the beach strip and off of that strip is walking straight in all SOI areas that you can just thread back-and-forth through.

Walking along the strip where the beaches gives you a good feel for the neighborhood but thereal interesting things going is in the back streets/SOI if you try to go swimming the beaches are OK …not very clear as far as the water quality I went up to my shorts and that’s about it. Then just got back to why I am really there which was not the beach anyway.

There are Rentals for Vespa or scooters that should cost very little. I think I paid 1200 baht for five days for a decent Vespa. They held a 1500 baht deposit.

Just a small warning if you go in to Pattaya with the scooter you have to wear a helmet. The police will pull you over, make you get off the bike , keep the bike and the keys make you get a ride to the police station on your own and pay a 1500 baht fine. But the upside is you get to ride around all day with your receipt that you paid for your helmet ticket and not use a helmet for 24 hrs if you like.

In my opinion as a man that hit the ground before on a motorcycle You’ll appreciate the helmet in case of a minor accident. And there is a lot going on in the town with people cutting you off and driving a little crazy so don’t do it like me… Wear the helmet.

If you want to see some of my other off the grid trips I’ve recently taken that I’ve gone where they all say…. don’t go. You’ll get murdered killed or worse. Follow and like. You see me drinking at 2 am with locals in marshal law back woods areas and going shot for shot haha.

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