LIV Miami

A night at LIV south beach Miami has been an interesting experience. People from all over joining to drink and dance. Upscale location in basement of large hotel. Pretty well managed right up the to bartenders and other staff. Service was good.

Stewards cleaning up drinks off the floor as soon as they drop. Bathroom attendants helping you operate the sink and brushing off your jacket. A lot of beautiful girls and men were dressed fairly well.

$24 Hennessy shots and $20 reg drinks. On dj night a good show with twisted lady dancers wearing Medusa headpieces. Good light show along with pulsating music sprinkled with giant confetti engulfing the entire huge floor.

Generally respectful crowd. if bouncers find someone over the top inebriated or a problem I noticed them gently escorted from floor.

One Medusa girl was a little lacking of a warming attitude. But hey. It’s a club yknow. Blasts of cold air and fog occasionally jetting through the dancers and crowd.

Here’s a video so you can get an idea

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