Fort Lauderdale airport JetBlue takeoff FLL

Here’s the takeoff with JetBlue from FLL Fort Lauderdale airport. Headed back up north. Yet again. But here’s what it looks like when taking off from this south Florida airport headed off shore.

I’m seated in the absolute front left. A320 Seat A1 you almost feel like your in first class ( not that I can actually remember the last time I sat in first class haha…. I think I was a kid) except the seat is a coach seat, you don’t get special treatment, your seat won’t recline more than 1/2 inch. Haha. But at least I have extra legroom!!

I’m happy to try this location out, you get seated first and get off the plane first! That’s definitely good. The table is tucked away in the armrest. But No phone charger.

The good part is they have the purple potato chips, The seat is close to the bathroom. I paid an extra $60. I might try the emergency exit seats next time. That was $57 extra.

JetBlue is one of the better choices available now.

FLL Airport is pretty good to fly in and out of. Not overly crowded and using your TSA PreCheck can speed up the process enough to make it worth it.

Sunset at 40,000 feet.

I used the JetBlue app so I checked in and got my boarding pass on my phone. Since I didn’t check a bag I just went through security and got a burger in the restaurant at Athens gate.

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