Don’t spit off the Eiffel Tower. They get angry.

A visit to the Eiffel Tower is on almost everyone’s long term bucket list. But definitely something that is totally a lifetime memory that is not to be missed. I’m only kidding I wouldn’t spit off the tower that would be wrong haha. And kind of pointless because of the shape of the sloping steelwork.

Although this spot is full of tourists and lines…there is a better time to go. If you’re going in the summer you may want to go at early evening as it’s easier on you because of the baking sunshine. Also the lines subside a bit at the end of the day typically.

They light the tower up every 15 minutes and it’s worth the time to see.

There are many street vendors outside the entry gate selling bottled water and souvenirs etc.

If you want to go to the restaurant you need to call and make reservations weeks in advance.

The name of the restaurant is 58 Tour Eiffel . +33 1 76 64 14 64

The story on the bathroom is there seems to be only one on the southeast side and the line is always long. So… you should stop at the little restaurant outside the entrance buy a drink some cheese and cold cut plate some French bread and some sparkling water the young brunette waitress was a sweetheart to us. I tipped her well and she seemed pretty happy to look after us. Use the bathroom WC before you head in.

They’ll give you a coin for the restroom so that only their customers can use.

Brasserie De La Tour Eiffel

But remember this is outside the tour park not the one in the tower itself.

Once in the tower (take the elevator… don’t be a hero you’ll regret it) the elevator has a few different stages on different levels for you to take in the view little by little. I hope you get the chance to go and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment etc


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