LIV Miami

A night at LIV south beach Miami has been an interesting experience. People from all over joining to drink and dance. Upscale location in basement of large hotel. Pretty well managed right up the to bartenders and other staff. Service was good.

Stewards cleaning up drinks off the floor as soon as they drop. Bathroom attendants helping you operate the sink and brushing off your jacket. A lot of beautiful girls and men were dressed fairly well.

$24 Hennessy shots and $20 reg drinks. On dj night a good show with twisted lady dancers wearing Medusa headpieces. Good light show along with pulsating music sprinkled with giant confetti engulfing the entire huge floor.

Generally respectful crowd. if bouncers find someone over the top inebriated or a problem I noticed them gently escorted from floor.

One Medusa girl was a little lacking of a warming attitude. But hey. It’s a club yknow. Blasts of cold air and fog occasionally jetting through the dancers and crowd.

Here’s a video so you can get an idea

Fort Lauderdale airport JetBlue takeoff FLL

Here’s the takeoff with JetBlue from FLL Fort Lauderdale airport. Headed back up north. Yet again. But here’s what it looks like when taking off from this south Florida airport headed off shore.

I’m seated in the absolute front left. A320 Seat A1 you almost feel like your in first class ( not that I can actually remember the last time I sat in first class haha…. I think I was a kid) except the seat is a coach seat, you don’t get special treatment, your seat won’t recline more than 1/2 inch. Haha. But at least I have extra legroom!!

I’m happy to try this location out, you get seated first and get off the plane first! That’s definitely good. The table is tucked away in the armrest. But No phone charger.

The good part is they have the purple potato chips, The seat is close to the bathroom. I paid an extra $60. I might try the emergency exit seats next time. That was $57 extra.

JetBlue is one of the better choices available now.

FLL Airport is pretty good to fly in and out of. Not overly crowded and using your TSA PreCheck can speed up the process enough to make it worth it.

Sunset at 40,000 feet.

I used the JetBlue app so I checked in and got my boarding pass on my phone. Since I didn’t check a bag I just went through security and got a burger in the restaurant at Athens gate.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica

Some of the most incredible churches are here in Paris France.Sacré-Cœur Basilica is absolutely gorgeous!

The towering arches and Stain glass windows with sunlight streaming through the meticulously hand masterpiece’d glass absolutely overwhelms your sense of being.

Dedicated to the heart of Jesus in the 18th district Montmartre area of Paris standing 272 feet in height.

Made of travertine stone consecrated in 1919 one of the largest tourist draws in Paris House is very large pipe organ designed and built by Aristide Cavaill for a home originally in Biarritz.

The front of Basilica . Be sure to go and climb the stairs to see the view. Panoramic view of the city from the top.

One thing I found out is this neighborhood Montmarte happens to be a great place to go for dinner and experience what I thought was a good example of how I wanted to experience France/Paris .

Smaller streets less tourists great service really well worth it some say it’s not the safest area but I totally felt comfortable appreciated and enjoyed eating at the street side café

But to get back to the inside beautiful travertine lime stone halters, statues porches soaring ceilings beautiful glass and mural .

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum, renowned for its design, glass triangle, size timeless masterpieces displayed here. Home of Mona Lisa Aphrodite, -Venus de Milo” the “Regent” Frieze of Archers. King of Babylon The Marly Horses. So large it takes more time to run through than most people have time to see.

Others you should see is the Winged Victory of Samothrace. Michelangelo’s Dying Slave.

The Louvre Museum is in the Louvre Palace in Paris. It was first built in the 12th century for the then king Frances. The museum has artifacts covering approximately 10,000 years of civilization including examples of first written law Covering Roman and Egyptian art and pieces.

Come ready to walk. Getting lost throughout is easy but fun and really enjoyable to see the many amazing masterpieces, sculptures pottery statues and beautiful surroundings.

Don’t spit off the Eiffel Tower. They get angry.

A visit to the Eiffel Tower is on almost everyone’s long term bucket list. But definitely something that is totally a lifetime memory that is not to be missed. I’m only kidding I wouldn’t spit off the tower that would be wrong haha. And kind of pointless because of the shape of the sloping steelwork.

Although this spot is full of tourists and lines…there is a better time to go. If you’re going in the summer you may want to go at early evening as it’s easier on you because of the baking sunshine. Also the lines subside a bit at the end of the day typically.

They light the tower up every 15 minutes and it’s worth the time to see.

There are many street vendors outside the entry gate selling bottled water and souvenirs etc.

If you want to go to the restaurant you need to call and make reservations weeks in advance.

The name of the restaurant is 58 Tour Eiffel . +33 1 76 64 14 64

The story on the bathroom is there seems to be only one on the southeast side and the line is always long. So… you should stop at the little restaurant outside the entrance buy a drink some cheese and cold cut plate some French bread and some sparkling water the young brunette waitress was a sweetheart to us. I tipped her well and she seemed pretty happy to look after us. Use the bathroom WC before you head in.

They’ll give you a coin for the restroom so that only their customers can use.

Brasserie De La Tour Eiffel

But remember this is outside the tour park not the one in the tower itself.

Once in the tower (take the elevator… don’t be a hero you’ll regret it) the elevator has a few different stages on different levels for you to take in the view little by little. I hope you get the chance to go and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment etc


Arc de Triomphe Champs-Elysées Paris France

The Arc de Triomphe seems to be the center… of attention, and all the streets in the area seem to lead back to the Arc. Beautiful cobblestone streets and small cars rushi d ari d the Arch as it serves as a awesome traffic circle. Except the fact that it is tremendous! You have room for tourists and locals with gawkers and people stopping to grab a quick picture. Like me.

The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile stands at the center of Place Charles de Gaulle. This is also known as the star and it has 12 avenues or streets that all join at the center leading to the arc. It was built in the early 1800’s. 1806-1836. Known to be the biggest Arc in the world and commissioned by Napoleon.

Tour buses parking to disembark tourists to view the arch. Though there is a lot of room you can navigate around them pretty easily. Just watch out because there is so much going on with a lot of cars etc it’s a little hectic.

I’m planning on traveling to 50 countries in the next posts. From far off Asia to the Carribean, Europe and some others that will be drop dead awesome bucket list locations from shoestring budget days to 3,4 star and maybe some very occasional 5 star locations and stays. I want to show the real thing and some of all people who live in the locations we explore. Star/ follow and like and comment at the bottom to be a part this and see the next location.

Thank you



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Pantheon Paris France should we go?

You’ll be glad if you do. We went and saw this beautiful building this summer.

What we did was,instead of Exclusively using a taxi and went and rented a diesel stick shift car. What a lot of fun driving through Paris!

One of our trips was to see the Pantheon.

See the pictures below.

Cobblestone streets beautiful architecture towering pillars definitely get here and see what it’s like you’ll be inspired by the dimensions and the beauty of this building.

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